Soroban Geniuses

Soroban Program Of Mental Calculation And Intelligence Developing .

It Is And Educational And Training Program For Children Aims To Develop Mental And Thinking Abilities For (Them).

It  Effectively Works On Improving The Right Side Of The Brain Specially The Fantasy Muscle Which Einstein Said About : “It The Best Way To Stimulate The Brain Is To Calculate But Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge “.

The Soroban Program Makes The Child Learning Fun And Have A Great Self Confidence Through Making A Difficult Long And Complex Calculations In A Short Period Of Time And Highly Accurately.

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Soroban Level 1


Soroban Geniuses Programme

Fast performance calculations

Through the advanced Sorbonne Geniuses , students can overcome all mathematical operations within 10 seconds in a very short period of time

Self confidence

Self-confidence By developing student’s abilities to interact and communicate through the visibility and participation of the student during class and perform calculations directly.

Activate both sides of the brain

Through the program, we use both parts of the brain, although the right side will participate in all mathematical calculations by using the abacus

Approving the senses

It approves the five senses through increasing the writing skills, strengthen the hand muscles, quick observation , concentration and listening skills as well

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The privilege company for the programme
Mobile#: 00905050020715

Sondos ghanem

Sondos ghanem

Our representative at the areas mentioned

Zemer / Jet / Im-alfahem /
Ibthan  / West  Baka / Kuffer Manda
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Mr. Belal Awad Musa

Mr. Belal Awad Musa

Our exclusive representative in Kuwait

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Suhad Mohammed Abdullah Mardawi

Suhad Mohammed Abdullah Mardawi

Program Coordinator in Qalqiliya Governorate, Palestine
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